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Engaging in the therapeutic process can be intimidating, so I work with my clients to be their companion knowing that every journey is different. My goal while working with client's is to develop a mutual understanding of their presenting problem and develop a plan of approach that addresses the whole individual.

I use techniques including EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as well as trying to assess and determine other causalities of what is at the root of a person's struggles. It is important to help you understand what might be causing these issues so that we can come up with an effective plan to overcome them.

The reality is, part of the human experience is that we will get hurt and experience many emotions. No one walks away without bumps and bruises. My hope is to help my clients find acceptance and healing without the shame that often casts a shadow on daily functioning.

Miriam Buell, LCMHC

Tooele Office

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