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My background is primarily in supporting teens facing depression and anxiety. Those who need someone to provide unconditional positive regard as issues and symptoms are addressed through narrative theories and empirically based interventions. My goal is to support my clients as they explore their own complex issues and strive to fulfill their own inherent potential.

As a therapist intern, I can help my clients as an empathic and knowledgeable listener. I am honored to offer an educated and unbiased "hard seat" for my clients. Meaning that I am proud to support and offer comfort to clients when they need to rest, and that I recognize the importance of resilience.

As someone who has experienced the profound benefits of a productive therapeutic relationship (especially during times of struggle) I am grateful for the opportunity to work with clients, and genuinely invite all potential clients to reach out to Aspen Ridge if they need support.

Jesika Cooper, CMHC-i

Magna Office

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