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Everyone has a story, and sometimes our life narratives are full of heartache, confusion, and struggle. My ideal client is someone who is dealing with depression or anxiety or family troubles, who wants to be heard and validated for who they are. Someone who wants to create a better story for their life, clarity through their confusion. I have experience with autism, disabilities, teens, and LGBTQ+, affirming each identity and embracing joy.

I can appreciate a wide variety of perspectives, having lived all over the country. I love finding points to connect with everyone I meet. I help families explore their stories and find ways to connect, even when they disagree. As a marriage and family therapist, I especially enjoy working with teens and their families, as well as couples. Even when my client comes in as an individual, I help them look at how their family dynamics are impacting their story, what is already working, and enhancing the strengths that are already there.

I am here to help you explore your story, see it with new eyes, and maybe even discover hidden strengths and new meaning.  Everyone has a unique identity and deserves to be affirmed and validated. Everyone deserves to feel joy. I believe it is impossible to be truly happy until a person can accept and celebrate their authentic self. You are the expert on your life, and I am here with unconditional positive regard to help you explore what your authentic self looks like. I am here to help you navigate your life’s story!

Jen Morrey, AMFT

Southtown Office

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