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My ideal client is someone who may be struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, family issues, or relationship issues. My ideal client is open and honest, because my style is nonjudgmental and accepting of all identities. My ideal client wants to have a mix of "venting" sessions and "coping skill" sessions, and isn't afraid to have a bit of fun in the therapy process along the way. My ideal client is someone who wants to better themselves, is willing to work in the therapy room, as well as outside of session.

I have training in CBT and Gottman methods. I love to work with people from all backgrounds, and I would consider myself to be an LGBTQIA+ friendly therapist. I feel that I am skilled at finding a balance in couples therapy where both partners feel heard and validated. I enjoy working with teenagers as I, too, love watching YouTube and I love their honesty.

I often hear that I am "enthusiastic" or "bubbly" from clients, but I would say that I am genuinely me in and out of session. Who I am is someone who has never struggled to empathize or find common ground with others, someone who enjoys to geek out with you over your interests, and who is affirming of your identities and your experiences. At the end of the day, I love talking to people and seeing their perspectives, and of course, finding ways to help them reach their best selves.

Erin Akers, LCMHC

Magna Office

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