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Pain, sadness, anger, worry are all part of the human experience. It's when these emotions become overwhelming that we begin to wonder how much more we can take and start to look for someone to help. I work with clients who are at the end of their rope and need someone to turn to. I can help with depression, anxiety, stress, grief, trauma and other mental struggles that tend to affect our abilities to function in life.

I help my clients build skills to cope with their struggles. These skills include kindness to oneself, challenging negative self talk, identifying and reframing distorted thoughts, and others.

If you're struggling and need someone to turn to, I'm more than happy to help. I will listen and validate your feelings and help you make a plan to start feeling a little bit better.  Please reach out and make an appointment.

Britany Pond, CMHC-i 

Southtowne Office

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