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I am a marriage and family therapist intern with a clinical focus in working with couples to improve their relationship in various dimensions. Through my career as a social worker, I have extensive experience working with adolescents and family systems as well.

Special areas of focus include: Transracial adoption, BIPOC populations, and LGBTQIA2S+ populations

I utilize a narrative approach informed by systems and attachment theory. Therapy sessions will be a collaborative effort to understand the story. I hope to bring "fresh eyes" to persistent problems and help you gain new insight towards problems and patterns. 

Navigating life's challenges is not easy. I aim to create an open and nonjudging environment in which you can tell your story. From there, I can offer support in examining the meanings, effects, of sociocultural factors on the persistent problems in life.

Lani Gailey, SSW, MFT-I

Magna Office

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