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My ideal client is not a perfect one. It is someone who is coming in with problems and difficulties of all kinds but they have a willingness to change and motivation to become better. They either come with ideas of their own on how to better their lives or come in completely lost.

The specialties that I offer is that one, I am not someone who gives up easily. I will give it my all to help the client and come up with every possible solution before throwing in the towel. I also consider myself to be a good listener and allow the client to express themselves whichever way they do.

I want you to know that you don't have to come in with any sort of stability. If you are completely falling apart, I will work with you and we will get your life back. You also don't need to come in with huge life problems either. Anything you are struggling with, no matter how microscopic it may seem to others I will do my absolute best in helping you overcome it. I will not judge you.

Joshua Watson

Tooele Office

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