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Many people struggle with trauma, fear, shame, or guilt. Many others struggle without knowing why. Most of us just want to feel happier and more fulfilled or accepted. They want to feel more in touch with their emotions and have a clearer idea about how to recognize them and move past them. 

Our thoughts and feelings are usually based on our prior experiences. My main approach is CBT. We can explore your thoughts and behaviors and help gain understanding of how they affect our emotions. We can work through different techniques for recognizing unhelpful thought patterns and help regain a feeling of control over our moods, reactions, and emotions. 

I want to offer those looking for help a safe and friendly space to help them work through their troubles. My goal is to offer people the opportunity to feel more empowered in their own lives and to help them feel like they can share freely and without judgment or shame. 

Joe Dunne

Taylorsville Office

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