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Often times we find ourselves in, "survival" mode, running from one responsibility to the next and not really finding enjoyment or content in our lives. We may struggle with depressive symptoms and constant worry. We can see how it is affecting our relationships, but we feel helpless in what to do. You are not alone! I love helping people realize their potential for a life of healthy relationships and growth. 

I have had experience with those suffering from depression, anxiety, adult and childhood trauma, legal and behavioral issues, relationship issues, emotion management, coping skills and self-esteem issues. I will help you define your goals and the steps to reach them.

One of the hardest parts is taking the first step. I know reaching out for any help can be scary or even debilitating for some. But know there is someone on the other side of that step, rooting for you. I am here to help you find your inner strength to reach your potential and goals. My hope is always to create that space for growth for my clients.

Hilary Sikochi, LCSW

Tooele Office

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