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Substance abuse, trauma, complications with maintaining relationships, adoption trauma, and religious trauma.

I have experience with suicide ideation, self-harm, and substance abuse.

I like to focus on more of a harm reduction approach when it comes to substance abuse and meet the clients where they are in the therapy room.  I want to ensure a safe environment and allow people to express their experiences and how they live their lives without feeling like there's an expectation.
I enjoy engaging peacefully and exploring options to help with future and present goals. I enjoy solution-focused therapy and learning coping skills to enhance a client's approach to life.
I believe that everyone wants to be happy and wants to work through trauma and move forward in life.

I would love to provide a safe place for anyone to come in and manage life struggles. I want to find coping skills, work through trauma, and life skills to help you with potential road blockers in life.




Faith von Dwingelo

West Jordan Office

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