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I can imagine that you are exhausted, stressed, sad, and in desperate need of help. You want to better your life, learn ways of coping, understand why these issues are apparent, and identify how to tackle current issues.

Everyone experiences mental health issues throughout their life, and it is ok to seek help. Depression and anxiety are quite common and can greatly affect our daily lives, bleeding into our work and relationships. I aim to provide help in terms of reducing stress and anxiety and working through trauma and depression. This is achieved by developing better coping skills, identifying why present issues are occurring, and taking the steps needed to alter what may be leading to these issues.  

Going to therapy and opening up to someone you do not know, is an extremely difficult task to do. Therapy can be hard but in the end, it can be extremely beneficial. My goal is to provide a safe empathetic environment that you can feel comfortable in; where you can excel in self-improvement and realize how amazing you truly are.

Isaac Luck, CMHC-i

Tooele Office

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